Spares & Service

Spares & Service

Advance spare parts sourcing

We believe our products offer the best performance on the market. To make this possible, we have seen the need to make our products last as long as possible.

Lazzari Spares & Services is a customer-oriented service that offers long-term support for both all Lazzari and third party products, providing you with quick access to all the necessary parts, wherever the machines are located, to carry out both regular maintenance and repairs on our machines, with the additional assistance of our skilled engineering team.

Our Predictive Maintenance System allows your internal teams to identify the maintenance and repairs needed to keep the machine in perfect working order, long before they become problems that can affect the production line.

In addition, for any further needs, it establishes a strong link with Lazzari technicians to quickly understand and solve complex problems, reducing any downtime on your production line to a minimum.

A better future

We recognise that times are changing and so are the needs of businesses around the world to move towards safer and cleaner solutions for the environment and people, without sacrificing productivity.

We take this opportunity to offer a revamping service, to reuse, renew and recycle machines that may be obsolete, making them powerful tools in today’s environment.








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